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Ego Maniac of the Week: Dick Aven

A Ghost Around, from the album Everywherever

Our new Ego Maniac is Dick Aven, a longtime friend and Icky’s Ego supporter, who is always a huge creative inspiration to us. His newly released record Everywherever is a very special work that we hope everyone has the chance to hear.

Dick grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, where he had the opportunity to learn from a rich heritage of music. He began playing saxophone at age eleven, and by fourteen he was playing in local blues, rock and jazz bands. By the end of high school Dick played sax flute, oboe, marching band multi-tom drums and a bit of piano.

Dick was awarded scholarships to study music from The International Association of Jazz Educators, and from the University of Alabama, where he began singing in original and cover projects around the campus bar-scene.

In 1987 he was offered a spot in a band being formed in Atlanta, Georgia, where he collaborated on a folk-Americana project called The Cages in 1989. In 1992, The Cages where signed to Capitol Records and released Hometown, and Dick relocated to Malibu, California.

After The Cages disbanded, Dick kept writing and performing solo or in a duo for a few years before he rekindled his interest in saxophone, blues and jazz.

By 2005, Dick was writing words and music, covering and/or reinterpreting standard tunes of American music, and creating a whole new musical expression from his love of jazz, blues, folk, pop, classical and mountain music.

In 2007, his influences and abilities came full circle with the acquisition of recording equipment and a few dozen instruments.

“In the past I usually had a song down where I just went to a studio and recorded it as quickly as I could. I had a bunch of live recordings and a few quickly recorded productions I did with help from friends. But no studio gear of my own.”

The ability to record his own music changed everything, and Dick Aven was suddenly an acoustic music factory.

Dick ‘s voice delivers raw honesty gift-wrapped in poetic origami. Everywherever is a powerful musical charm imbued with effortless Dixieland spirits and a bucket full of Americana. When he’s not letting you off easy with his plucky satirical wit, he’s tugging you by the hand on an intimate walk through his heart. Everyone should buy a ticket for this ride, wherever you are!

Now you can go bother Dick on his Facebook, itunes and myspace pages.

Here’s to your creative inspiration!

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